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Accurate COVID-19 screening programs

Covid-19 Screening Program

Nexxus Wellness offers an end-to-end solution for the efficient scheduling, testing, and tracking of employee wellness regarding Covid-19. We provide ‘Point of Care’ Antigen testing solutions on any premises carried out by trained clinicians in a timely and cost-effective manner. By providing on site testing with rapid result turnaround (12-15 mins) we have been able to catch several positive cases in asymptomatic people long before a PCR test would have done so and for a much-reduced price. Our cloud based medical records system provides the capability for online booking of testing, automated results distribution to patients, reporting to track the health of patients, coordinate required care, and more. As a full service Covid Screening Program we can reduce the time between testing and results to negate the risk of contagious person(s) entering your office and potentially infecting others.

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Access to our entire suite of occupational health solutions ranging from simple, automated and auditable health surveys to concierge level onsite testing options.


Instill confidence in staff with clear guidance, safety measures and ongoing support.


We will keep you up-to-date on all advancements in testing and how it can improve your return to work plan.


With our Occupational health software solution put your teams in control of inventory management; employee absence management and health survey auditing.


We can work with your company to fulfill your budget requirements and insure an effective solution to get your employees feeling comfortable returning to work.

How we can help

We create solutions tailored to the needs of your business, whether your teams are remote or need to be office-based.

Swab Testing – Presence of Virus

This test can indicate the presence of a live virus in an individual. These tests are great for early identification and stopping outbreaks.

We offer remote lab testing and point of care solutions. All testing machines and consumables are FDA CE IVD accredited with high detection rates.

This is a highly accurate standard swab test to identify if someone currently has COVID-19. Test samples are processed in a lab, which takes 6-24 hours to get the results.

Antigen Test
A 10 minute test using a swab sample to identify if an individual has COVID-19. It requires no lab equipment and can be done on site.

Drive-through Coronavirus Testing
Test Tubes

COVID-19 Antibody Testing

Team members may have developed antibodies and should be tested before they can return to work.

Antibody Lab Based Test
This lab based test detects the presence of COVID-19 antibodies in the blood. These are Abbott ELISA based tests that have been approved for testing of antibodies.

Antibody Point of Care Test
As part of our offering, we are able to perform local antibody tests in empty office spaces using portable equipment. These are quick tests that last only 12-20 minutes.

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COVID-19 Risk Management Portal

We partner with Meddbase, a global leader in health data processing and storage and provide access to this specially designed web-native portal to securely collate, track and report on crucial medical data.


Maximum Peace of Mind During the Pandemic 

The feature-rich software delivers ultimate data security and compliance, and mitigates the risk of exposure to the virus itself as well as to the legal ramifications of managing staff and visitor health data during a pandemic.


Mitigate Risk Exposure With The Latest Data
Get regular updates and run custom reports, view how many of your staff have symptoms in any given time period, are high risk, have had the virus and developed antibodies or have recently tested positive. When it comes to Covid-19 knowledge is power.


Manage Physical Testing Programmes
Through the portal, you are able to request swab tests or antibody tests and automatically receive test results within a secure and confidential database environment as soon as they become available, usually within minutes.

Integrated Tracking
Meddbase is able to integrate with HR systems and other external systems providing bolt-on functionality including track & trace solutions.


Why Nexxus?

We offer a tailored, integrated solution to help businesses reopen safely, with additional high quality services.

At Nexxus Wellness, our research team use trends and developments from the US, UK and beyond to make informed and aware decisions. We have worked with businesses in the South Korean biotech industry for a number of years and have crafted close working relationships. Businesses in this sector are globally renowned for delivering consistently high quality, reliable products and we are proud of our links to the industry.

We believe that our end to end solution is the most comprehensive in terms of helping companies get back to business as usual.

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